For Coaches, Consultants, And Course Creators Looking To Take Their Business To The Next Level But Are Feeling Drained From Doing Their Own Marketing…

"Want To Make Social Ads Mentor™ Your Personal Marketing Team To Write, Set-up, Run Your Facebook Ads And Create All Your Automated Sales Funnel Needs So You Can Get Unlimited Booked Calls And Course Sales Without Having To Do Everything Yourself?"

We’ll build everything out for you using the exact same system that we use to help dozens of coaches and course creators make over $110 Million in course sales…So you can continuously grow your business without having to spend more of your precious time and energy writing your own ads, and funnel pages, or dealing with boring marketing tasks!

Marquel Russel,


The King of Client Attraction

We have been able to scale our company to multiple 7-Figure Mark in just 6 months while working with Sam Bell. The service has been absolutely outstanding with the communication and attention to detail to make sure everything is on point so we can continue to grow and scale each month.

Wyatt Jozwowski,



If you want to sit back and scale your business by paying and getting leads into your business, I recommend these guys. There’s nobody better at doing what they do.

Rachel Rofe,

CEO, Rachel Rofe Enterprises

& Custom Happy

I have been working with Sam for over a year now and he’s been tremendously impactful in my businesses. I own a couple of 7-Figure companies and he’s been helping me a lot. I think there was one point where we 5x returns for every dollar spent. If you’re given the chance to work with him, I would say he’s awesome and definitely go for it!

Dear Coaches, Consultants, and Course creators,

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

You want to scale your business and reach more people but you simply do not have the time to do everything in order to do so…

You may have a website or a working sales funnel…

And a few ‘winning ads’ that drive stable monthly course sales to your business…

But the real issue is not having the time or energy to build all the marketing materials you need to push things to new heights all by yourself.

As a result, you’ve hit a glass ceiling…

Where you make a good, consistent amount of sales each month…

But your growth is limited by the number of ads, funnels, strategies, and offers that you can work on on your own each month.

You’ve tried to push yourself harder, staying up late at night in front of your desk to get more work done…

Only to realize that it’s starting to affect your ability to manage the other areas of your life and business.

You may have tried to hire a Marketing Agency or a Freelancer in the past…

But they weren’t able to deliver.

9 out of 10 times the agency you hire may end up burning through your marketing budget without being able to create any meaningful results.

To make things worse, they give you vanity metrics such as testing, engagements, etc. that have no impact on the bottom line.

So you simply did not get the results you were hoping for…

And you just lost a few thousand dollars to pay for their mistakes.

Plus, even if they did get you some leads, they weren’t your ideal clients!

You get into calls with people who couldn't even afford your program, or weren’t even “that interested”.

So you end up wasting your time…

And get little to no sales at all.

You made an investment and didn’t get the return you were looking for.

If ANY of these sounds familiar to you, I want you to know that you’re NOT alone!

This problem is common among coaches and course creators who are making $15K, $30K, $50K, or even $100K per month and beyond…

They want to scale your business to $300K, $500K, or even $1M per month…

And realize that doing it themselves is no longer an option.

But as much as they want to hand over the boring and time-consuming marketing tasks to someone else…

So they can get more work done and free up more time for themselves…

They are simply too afraid to do so because they’ve been burned in the past by freelancers or agencies who promised results…

Only to fall flat on their face.

Now, if you’ve made it this far and what I’ve said has resonated with you in any way, shape, or form…

Make sure you keep reading to the end…

Because I’m going to show you why this rare, limited-time opportunity to have The Social Ads Mentor do your marketing for you…

The ONE AND ONLY fool-proof solution you need to solve all your scaling problems.

The Social Ads Mentor Has Helped Dozens Of Coaches And Course Creators Make Over $110 Million In Coaching Program And Course Sales, We Know Exactly How To Get Our Clients Their Next Sale!

Hi! My name is Sam Bell,

the Social Ads Mentor

In the past ten years, I have personally helped 100s of coaches, consultants, and course creators across the world sell $110M+ worth of course sales and high-ticket coaching programs…

I am also the founder of Social Ads Mentor — a social media marketing and automation agency that handles millions of dollars of ad spend for coaches, consultants, and course creators every year.

I have been a speaker in multiple high-level marketing events…

And also host my own coaching and mentorship programs where I teach people just like you how to properly scale their businesses through social media automation.

I’m really proud that I’m able to serve as a conduit to help coaches, consultants, and course creators reach more people and change more lives over the past decade.

But perhaps more importantly…

I Have Spent Over A Decade And Millions Of Dollars Testing Out All The Marketing Strategies Under The Sun To “Crack The Code” On How To Create, Run, And Set-Up Highly Profitable Facebook Ads And Sales Funnels So You Don’t Have To!

I have gone through the grueling process of testing out every single Facebook ad, Funnel, and Email marketing strategy out there…

To refine it into our own internal marketing strategy for coaches and course creators.

A part of this internal marketing strategy is The Social Ads Method, which you may already have implemented into your business to grow your Facebook ad ROAS.

That was only a small part of our strategies, designed for Facebook ads.

Imagine the kind of results you’ll be able to get once you let us Write, Build, and Set-Up ALL your marketing campaigns for you!

And the reason why we’re so effective at what we do is because we follow one simple principle for everything we do…

Data Is King.

We have helped coaches, consultants, and course creators get over $110 Million in coaching and course sales for the past 12 years.

And we’re basically sitting on a mountain of data…

Telling us what has worked in the past…

What works in the present…

And what will likely get the best results for coaches and course creators in the future.

Take Tara And Julien For Example, Who Were Both Skyrocket Their Business Growth After Just 90 Days Of Letting Us Handle Their Marketing For Them

Tara was able to take her $40K per month coaching business and turn it into a $400K+ per month money machine in just 90 Days…

Julien went from 5-Figures to nearly 7-Figures in just a few months…

Not only did both business owners see an insane amount of growth in their monthly revenue…

But they were also able to take more time back into their hands…

Since none of them had to worry about writing and setting up their own marketing materials and strategies.

Both of them were able to focus more on building their products and business…

And helping their students achieve bigger, better results.

And We want to help you do the same…

Which Is Why I Want To Invite You To The Rare Opportunity To Be One Of Our “Done-For-You” Partners…

Where We’ll Write, Build, And Set-Up All Your Facebook Ads And Funnel Pages Following Our Best And Latest Strategies So You Don’t Have To!

We want to help you break the glass ceiling that’s been stopping you from making more sales and impacting more lives.

You’ll NO LONGER HAVE TO BURN YOURSELF OUT out trying to be your own copywriter, funnel builder, and email marketing strategist for your business.

More importantly, your business’s growth will NO LONGER BE LIMITED by how much marketing work you can do by yourself.

INSTEAD, you’ll have a TEAM OF EXPERTS sitting on 12 Years of data and track record on how to make millions of dollars in sales for coaches and course creators in nearly every industry you can think of.

This Is Perfect For You If You’re…

  • A Course Creator who wants to get more course sales

  • An Online Coach who wants to get more booked calls and program sales

  • A Consultant who wants a calendar full of appointments

You’ll Suddenly Have The Capacity To Launch As Many Products And Offers As You Need To Reach $250K, $500K, Or Even $1M Per Month!


We’ll Build You UNLIMITED Funnels Based On Your Needs

We will build you all the sales funnels you need for your business! Whether it’s for a new product or offer, a strategy you want to test out, or an update to an already existing funnel.

You’ll no longer have to be limited by a single funnel.


We’ll Write And Set-up Your Facebook Ads For You

We’ll write and set up your ads so you don’t have to do it yourself. You will still maintain full autonomy over your ads and budget. We will lay the groundwork for the entire campaign, but it is still your decision where to steer the ship.


Create ALL The Email & SMS You Need

We’ll nurture your leads through engaging emails and keep you notified of the latest sales using our built-in email marketing tool inside the Social Ads Mentor app.

One of the biggest hurdles of scaling a brand is not being prepared when the leads and customers start to rain. Having an automation system do the grunt work for you makes things much easier.


Track And Grow Your Sales

Track your sales and analytics a lot better by having it all in one place. The Social Ads Mentor app has an analytics integration system which you’ll have access to. It allows you to accurately track key metrics all in one place.

What Coaches and Course Creators are saying after becoming a Done-For-You Partner…

Dave Sharp,

Founder, Legendary Marketer

"I have always been a copywriting, events, and marketing guy. But when it comes to running paid traffic I always have somebody to do it for me. Using Sam’s traffic, we’ve been able to turn our leads into $27 in profit per lead. That, my friend, feels like a license to print money. If you have a chance, I would definitely take the opportunity to work with him."

We Want To Help Coaches and Course Creators Make More Impact

…While Making More Money In The Process

The Social Ads Mentor’s ‘Done-For-You’ offer serves as the perfect solution for coaches and course creators who want to scale their business, reach more people, and free up their time all at once! 

We’ll write and set up all your funnel pages, ads, and emails you need to get all the leads and sales that you can dream of. 

Why build your own funnel when you can hand that over to experts and use the time you saved to help students or improve other areas of your business?

Here’s A Fraction Of What You’re Getting If You Sign-Up Now For The Rare And Limited Opportunity…

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels Every Month you need to grow your business. We’ll build you a Webinar Funnel, Webinar Call Funnel, VSL Funnel, Survey Funnel, Lead Magnet Funnel, Single Product Ecom Funnel, and so much more.

  • Unlimited Winning Facebook Ads Every Month that only delivers pre-qualified leads down your funnel while feeding your pixel the data it needs to get the most ROAS while keeping the cost per lead as low as possible.

  • Unlimited Email & SMS Automation Every Month where we can nurture, engage with, and scrape as many sales as you can from your growing email list. This step cannot be overlooked if you’re planning to launch new products to scale your business.

  • A Complete Facebook Ads Set-up that includes analytics tracking, campaign launch structure and strategy, compliant ad copy, and graphics. We’ll take care of every facet of Facebook advertising for you.

  • Million-Dollar Funnel Templates that you can use for new products or offers ANYTIME and guarantees great results. These funnel templates have all been designed and tested by us for our clients and have so-far generated tens of millions of dollars in sales.

  • Calendar Integration that keeps you updated and notified every time there is a newly booked appointment or sales call from the funnel.

  • Highly Accurate Reports And Analytics that looks beautiful but more importantly keep you informed and updated in terms of sales, conversions, ad spending, and other metrics that are important in decision-making.

But that’s not all!

You’ll also get access to the following

as a bonus…

  • 30 Days of FREE Access To The ‘Social Ads Mentor’ App which is an all-in-one platform that allows you to optimize your sales funnel, manage your emails and automation, integrate your calendar, and track all your sales key metrics in one website.

  • Weekly Coaching Calls and Q&A with me and other coaches, consultants, and course creators who have invested in the program. This is where you can pick my brain and ask me all the questions you need about business and marketing.

  • Facebook & IG Ads Mastery Course where you’ll learn the latest and most effective Facebook Advertising methods for coaches, consultants, and course creators.

  • Facebook Ads SOP’s & Campaign marketing Checklist that you can use when creating and launching your own Facebook ad campaigns.

TOTAL VALUE = $33,667 Per Month

“$33,667 Per Month Is Too Much!!!”

Okay, before you click off this page thinking that this is a ridiculous offer…

Don’t Worry! I won’t be charging $33,667 Per Month.

Listen, the things you’ll get in our Done-For-You offer can easily 2x, 3x, or even 10x that amount in just a few short months… as you may have already seen with the results of our other clients earlier.

That’s just how powerful it is when you combine unlimited funnels, Facebook ads, and automation with a powerful strategy.

After All, You Saw Coaches And Course Creators Use This Program To Make $400K To Over $1 Million In A Month…

We could be charging this rate, and SERIOUS business people would still take it…

But I simply decided NOT to.

Why? Because I created Social Ads Mentor to help more coaches, consultants, and course creators.

And the only way to do that is by making this service as affordable as possible…

I have realized that by acting as a conduit between you, and people who need your knowledge and services…

Me and my team will be able to be a part of changing the lives of more people. 

So I decided to bring the price down to $4,997 as an Onboarding Fee.

And a recurring fee of $1,497 Per Month AFTER 60 Days to maintain access to Unlimited Funnels, Facebook Ads, And Automation.

Step 1Please Tell Us Where To Send Access
Step 2Complete Your Order For Immediate Access

Get Access To UNLIMITED “Done-For-You” Funnels, Facebook Ads, And Email Automation To Take Your Business To The Next Level For Only…

One Time Payment Of

$33,667 $4,997

(OR Only Two Payments Of $2,997/mo for 2 months)

And a recurring fee of $1,497 for the following months after 60 Days

Warning: We’re only accepting 10 new clients. Only 2 spots are left!

The Insane Guarantee That No Other Freelancer Or Marketing Agency Would Dare To Offer!

I’m so confident that this done-for-you program will do wonders for your business that I’ll throw in a satisfaction guarantee.

I GUARANTEE that if you have a proven offer…

You will GENERATE MORE QUALIFIED LEADS coaching leads and MAKE MORE COURSE SALES than you know what to do with.

And if you don’t see results within 60 Days

Then I will personally work with you to optimize your ads and sales funnel until you get the results you’re looking for — FREE of Charge! 

So there’s absolutely ZERO RISK involved if you join the done-for-you program today. 

If we fail to bring in results in 60 days, you’ll get free marketing services until you 3x or 5x your investment.

What Some Of Our Previous And Current Clients Are Saying After Getting The Social Ads System…

I’m Not Really Offering You This Done-For-You Program…

I’m Offering You A Path To $250K, $500K, Or Even $1M Months And Beyond, But Faster And With Less Work On Your End!

I hope you understand what I’m truly offering you here…

You’re not paying for a bunch of funnel pages, ads, and emails.

You’re paying for a team of experts who will work tirelessly to bring you the results you want so you can 2x, 5x, or even 10x your business’s growth…

  • Without the unnecessary hours (or days) of work

  • Without 5-Figure advertising and funnel mistakes

  • Without the headache that comes with building your own ads and funnel

  • More importantly, without missing any more opportunities in business or personal life because you’re too occupied with doing all your marketing yourself.

What I’m offering you is a way to consistently make big money every month

And take back the time and energy that growing your business all by yourself has taken away from you. 

In other words, you’ll have the Money and the Time to spend it with your Family, your Friends, your Community, or even Yourself. 

And who doesn’t want that? 

Imagine all the possibilities that will open up once you stop pouring in your hours on mundane marketing work…

And put it on things that matter more, things that you’re passionate about. 

Truth be told, $4,997 is nothing compared to what I’ve said so far.

So, are you ready to get started?

Warning: We’re only accepting 10 new clients. Only 2 spots are left!

“Would Investing $4,997 Upfront And Another $1,497 Per Month Be Worth It?”

Okay, if you’re the type of person who gets too logical about this—ignoring the testimonials and social proofs and all…


I’m not promising you the impossible here. I’m promising you completely achievable results that dozens of other coaches and course creators are already making.

So when I say that you’ll be able to take your business from $15K, $20K, $30K…

All the way to $250K, $500K, or even $1M and beyond once you join our Done-For-You program, I mean it with all my heart.  

I know that $4997 is not a small amount of money.

But most of us easily spend $4997 on the WRONG things in just the span of a month or two—buying new shoes, bags, clothes, and investing your monthly income on shiny and insanely high-priced marketing course that doesn’t really take anything off of your workload.  

Why not spend it wisely this time? On something that is ACTUALLY LIKELY to change your life and business…forever? 

If all our done-for-you offer did was make you an additional $50K per month in the first 60 days…

Would $4997 be worth it?

If all our done-for-you program did was help you make funnels that allow you to double your current monthly course sales…

Would $4997 be worth it?

Lastly, if all this done-for-you program did was help you spend less time working and more time with your loved ones…

Would $4997 be worth it?

Warning: We’re only accepting 10 new clients. Only 2 spots are left!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my business? If you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider with a proven offer, then this will definitely work for you. 

What industries do you have experience working on? We’ve made a ton of results for coaches, consultants, and course creators in the Real estate investing, health and wellness, creator and invention space, coaching and consulting, Financial Services and investments, Saas, Trading and Stocks, Tax Services, Lead Gen, and so much more!

We’re only accepting 10 new clients. Only 2 spots are left!

See you on the other side!

To your success,

P.S. Are you really going to waste your time doing the same stuff over and over again in the next 3-4 months? Why not decide to change everything now… with our help? 

P.P.S. I’ve spent 12 Years and over $1M of my own money to refine the ad and funnel creation strategy that we use inside our agency. So far, it has made over $110 Million dollars in course sales. What you’re basically getting is a steal for the value of having it implemented in your own business without doing any more work. Are you really passing up on this opportunity? 

If you say, “No!” I’m pretty sure the ones next in line would immediately say “Yes!” and I hope you don’t regret it if I turn them into my next success stories… A “That should be me” moment. 

P.P.P.S. Just to recap. Here’s what you’ll be getting once you become a “done-for-you” partner.

  • UNLIMITED Sales Funnels Every Month ($11997 Value)

  • UNLIMITED Winning Facebook Ads Every Month ($3997 Value)

  • UNLIMITED Email & SMS Automation Every Month ($2497 Value)

  • A Complete Facebook Ads Set-up ($497 Value)

  • Million-Dollar Funnel Templates ($4997 Value)

  • Calendar Integration ($197 Value)

  • Highly Accurate Reports And Analytics ($997 Value)

  • Bonus #1: 30 Days of FREE Access To The ‘Social Ads Mentor’ App ($497 Value)

  • Bonus #2: Weekly Coaching Calls and Q&A ($5997 Value)

  • Bonus #3: Facebook & IG Ads Mastery Course ($997 Value)

  • Bonus #4: Facebook Ads SOP’s & Campaign marketing Checklist ($997 Value)

TOTAL VALUE = $33,667 Per Month BUT you get to join for only a one-time payment of $4,997

(Or two payments of 2,997/mo for 2 months)...

And a recurring fee of $1,497 for the following months after 60 Days.

Warning: We’re only accepting 10 new clients. Only 2 spots are left!

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